Doubling Down in Blackjack

Majority of casino facilities will allow you to double down or double your wager after your first pair of cards. But it has a condition attach to it. When doubling down, you can only take a single card and you cannot request for additional cards. You cannot get cards after this action.

Double down if your cards have a total of eleven, except when the dealer possess a ten card or an ace card. Another strategy that most players use is dividing the pair card. If your first pair of cards possesses the same value, you may divide the cards and play a pair of hands by putting down a wager that has the same value as your original wager on the second card hand.

So if you divided the card of eight, you will make two separate card hands which have a total of eight. Then you can play each card hand in a normal manner. Always divide an ace card combination and the eight-eight cards. Never divide ten-ten cards, five-five cards or four-four cards. You may acquire insurance when the casino dealer is holding an Ace up card because there is a big chance that the casino dealer possess a blackjack. If that is the case you will automatically lose unless you also hold a blackjack. It will become a tie.

After all of the players and the casino dealer have two cards in their possession; the players can get an insurance. An insurance premium is half of your original wager. The payout for this is in a two to one ratio if the dealer has a blackjack hand. The insurance wager has a big casino edge and should be avoided at all cost. There are six tips that you have to memorize in blackjack. 1st, you have to stand if you have a twelve to sixteen and up card of the dealer is two to six.

2nd, you have to stand if your count is on seventeen and twenty-one. 3rd, you have to split your pairs of eight cards and ace cards. 4th, Do not split your ten cards, five cards and four cards. 5th, you have to double down on a total of eleven, unless the dealer possess a ten or an ace card. Now that you know the rules regarding the game of blackjack. You have to bet carefully but pick the double or nothing method with your winnings.

For example, you have a $100 dollars wage and you are currently participating at a $5 dollars blackjack table. Wager $5 dollars, when you win a wager of $10 dollars, win wager $20 dollars, win again wager $40 dollars, win another time wager $80 dollars. You might have second thoughts of risking $80 dollars in one go but view it this way: If you will lose in the game, you will lose only $5 dollars. Just keep a close eye with your chips especially if you see that there is no good pattern in the game. Quit while you are still ahead in the game. Do not force yourself to play and be greedy because you will be just in danger losing it all in one instance.