The High-Low Card Counting System

Are you looking for a card counting system that you can start with to get at least a bit of advantage in blackjack? There is one particular card counting system where everyone can always start with. This is a very simple card counting system you can try before proceeding to a more complex card counting system.

The High-Low (sometimes spelled as Hi Lo or High/Low) card counting system is a simple yet effective card counting system where anyone can begin with. If you combine High-Low (or any simple card counting system for that matter) with basic blackjack strategy you will find the results to be astounding.

Like any other card counting system out there, High-Low operates on the basic premise that high cards are good for the players while the low cards serve the purposes of the dealer. In the High-Low card counting system, we are only concerned with the ratio of high cards versus the low cards. Only a very small amount of math is ever required.

This card counting system is widely used and is a good trainer for players who want to learn card counting. If you are able to master High-Low, shifting to more complicated card counting systems won't be that hard. A more complicated card counting system will provide you a more accurate ratio. Though High-Low can't really paint that vivid a picture, it is a lot easier to learn than any other system out there.

In the High-Low card counting system, we assign a value of +1 to every low card (i.e. two to six) that is dealt on a blackjack table. While the high cards (Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace) are assigned a -1 value. Cards seven, eight, nine get a zero value.

You might ask why we assign low cards a value of +1. Basic card counting principles would state that low cards help the dealer. The logic behind this is that every time a low card goes out of the deck, we have better chances at getting high cards left in the deck. Thus the higher the positive, the better it is for us.

Starting from zero, for every high card we see dealt we make a -1 to our total and for every low card we see we make a +1 to our total. The zero value cards of course don't affect our count in High-Low.

We can use this betting strategy when we are at a blackjack table. If our tally is less than +1 we bet at the minimum. If our count comes up to +2 to +3 then we double the bet. A +4 to +5 would triple our bet and a +6 or +7 is a signal to quadruple our bet.

The High-Low card counting system is an easy system to start with. Anyone can start with High-Low before moving off to a more complicated but more accurate card counting system.