Top Card Counting Myths in Blackjack

Blackjack players, especially the high rollers, do not depend solely on luck to win. Some believe card counting is a strategy that will surely put the odds in their favor. To a certain extent, card counting strategies provides an advantage to the player and a significant confidence boost.

The big "but" is card counting is not a foolproof method. There are so many common misconceptions about card counting. The danger in these misconceptions is that they may actually cause a player to lose. To make the most out of card counting and to maximize its possible benefits, players must avoid these misconceptions.

The misconception that tops the list is the belief that the more complicated the method, the better the method will be at bringing the house odds down. A complicated card counting method does not and cannot guarantee a sure win. A complicated methods, however, works against the player because it takes longer to master than simpler ones. The longer it takes to master the method, the longer before the player can make the method work for him. The important thing about card counting systems is the logic behind the method.

Another top myth is card counting is predictive. It is true that card counting is based on probabilities. The most card counting can do is calculate the odds of various cards as they are drawn out from the deck. Card counting does not allow the players to predict with certainty what card will be dealt out next.

The third top myth is card counting is an easy way to create or increase profits. Blackjack players should bear in mind that the game they play is one of chance. Card counting can neither assure wins in the short nor the long run of the game.

The good news is there is a small edge of around 1.5% for a card counting player. However, this edge varies during short term games. For a Blackjack player to realize this edge, he needs to invest huge amounts of money. The irony is as he increases his investments, he increases his risk as well.

Card counting does not work for all casinos. In general, casinos do not allow card counting strategies and they implement devices to discourage or even counter card counting. One such device is to use multiple decks of cards. Multiple decks increase the number of probable combinations thereby making card counting tedious for the players.